Karma Cats NFT: What Faction Are You?

Karma Cats NFT
3 min readApr 30, 2022


Karma Cats NFT

The Karma Cats have been waiting a long time for this moment. They could feel the world shifting, ready for them to emerge and bring their powerful teachings back to humanity.

It has been 5,000 years since they last walked among humans and they are eager to find companions who will help them facilitate The Great Awakening.

The cats are selective about who they choose as their human companions. They need people with good hearts and pure intentions, people who would be willing to learn and grow alongside them.

And now, finally, the time has come. It seems that the universe is finally sending them some worthy candidates.

One by one, the Karma Cats will begin appearing in the lives of their chosen ones. They will appear in moments of inspiration, offering guidance and support when needed.

As the cats choose their human companions, the chosen ones will belong to different factions. These factions have been formed in order to facilitate the growth of their unique special powers and help them become the ultimate version of themselves.

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What faction are you?


Creators are elite manifestors likened to magicians of the physical world, bringing ideas to material form and are great for magnetizing wealth.


Mystics are masters of intuition because they possess extremely heightened states of awareness and clairvoyance.


Healers bring healing to their holder companions and to others by developing tools using their own journey of healing and discovery.


Scholars are highly-educated Karma Cats that have intellectual prowess and are keepers of ancient wisdom.


Architects are the engineers of awareness and awakening. They possess heightened abilities to see the exact paths to success.


Guardians are ultimate protectors that ward off evils and shield their human companions from dark energies.


Catalysts are change agents that are also the connecting link between all Karma Factions. They act as the glue that holds the colony together.


Lovers embody a pure vibration of love at all times. They are the master teachers of the Law of Attraction.


Lightworkers are the magicians of the Karmas. They use their powers of visualization and energy work to create miracles.


Givers are the most blessed by constantly blessing the lives of others. By giving, they receive.


Optimists absorb all the negativity around them and transmute it to high energy light.


Hunters are power players in the realm of action-oriented success. They symbolize fierceness and tenacity.


Warriors are conquerors of the Universal enemy, self-ignorance, which is the ultimate source of suffering.


Angels are celestial intermediaries between humans and the heavens. They offer blessings that always bring about a great sense of elevation of the spirit and lightness in one’s heart.


Rebels are thought-leaders with a heightened sense of creativity. Their new age ideas make it possible for the species to evolve with the changing times.

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