10 Reasons to Love Karma Cats NFT

Doxxed Founders, Massive Business Success

These days in crypto, it’s not enough to have fancy art or a well-run hype campaign. We’ve all seen the rug pulls, some of us have even felt the sting of the floor dropping out from underneath us.

Amazing, Positive, Hyped Community

If you haven’t already, Join Karma Cats Discord, where you’ll find a welcoming and friendly community of beautiful people who love cats just as much as you do. This is the perfect place to chat with other collectors, learn about NFTs, and just have some wholesome fun.

100% Hand-Drawn, Original Artwork

What makes Karma Cats NFTs truly amazing is that every individual cat is an original piece of artwork, hand-drawn and manually composed from over 146+ attributes by talented artists. No two cats are alike, so you can be confident that your NFT will be one-of-a-kind.

Stacked with Utility for Holders

All holders of Karma Cats NFTs will receive an exclusive set of utilities and benefits over the course of years to come. The current roadmap extends appx 10-months into the future, and our team has the unreleased roadmap that extends as far as 5 years into the future.

Feel Good NFTs that Spark Joy

No these are not your grimacing diabolical alien character from another world. Karma Cats are adorable and cute; The perfect way to spread joy and positivity to the world. With their delightful designs and wide range of unique traits, these NFTs are sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face.

Community Support for Good Causes

This NFT collection is not called Karma Cats for nothing. A community-driven Karma Fund will be established to support good causes — whether it’s helping out a fellow Karma Cat holder in need or donating to a charity that aligns with the Faction’s values.



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